Hunan Airbluer Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.




Changsha City, China

Partner Description

Hunan Airbluer Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd. was founded on 2013 and is registered in the high-tech development zone of Changsha City. It is professionally engaged in heavy metal treatment, farmland pollution treatment and restoration, mining sites remediation, site risk assessment and restoration, Research and Development, technical consultation and service, project implementation, project investment, operation and management of environmental protection, and business such as prevention, control and restoration of groundwater pollution, water environment management.

The company has 174 employees, of which 45 are research and experimental development personnel, accounting for 25.86% of the total number of employees. The company has strong technical development ability, and all those engaged in full-time R & D are bachelor’s degree or above. Up to now, the number of domestic patent applications has reached the 77, with 56 valid patents, including 25 invention patents, 8 authorized invention patents, 1 PCT international patent application, and 1 patent accepted abroad. Airbluer has obtained 9 domestic trademark registrations and one is in the application stage.

Contact Person/Deputy

Zhixin Hu