Agricultural University of Athens




Athens, Greece

Partner Description

The Agricultural University of Athens was established in 1920, and since then it contributes consistently and continuously to the Greek and European agricultural and economic development by performing cutting edge research. The University has 44 fully equipped laboratories divided into the following six Schools: Plant Science, Animal Science and Aquaculture, Applied Biology and Biotechnology, Applied Economics and Social Sciences, Food and Nutrition, Environment and Agricultural Engineering. AUA has 185 members of academic staff, 300 administrative/financial/other personnel, 7045 pre-graduate students, 497 MSc students and 354 PhD candidates.

During the last five years, the AUA scientific staff published 1810 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and was awarded with 23 patents.

AUA has a long experience in coordinating and participating in National and European competitive research projects. During the last five years, AUA has participated, as coordinator or partner, in more than 380 funded projects with a total budget of approx. 50 million euro. These projects were financed by the European Commission, by the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) and from other private firms and public bodies.

The University contributes in a wide range of issues significantly affecting the daily lives of Greek and Europeans citizens, such as: crop production and protection, cultivation management and logistics, food safety and environmental protection, biomass production and transformation, animal husbandry, agricultural economics and rural development, food quality and human nutrition, water resource conservation, organic farming, alternative energy sources, biotechnological applications in agriculture, information and communications technology, agricultural engineering, etc

The University is a member of the European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability (EU‐CONEXUS), that is a transnational European higher education and research institution that covers the smart urban sustainable coastal development from a global point of view.

Contact Person/Deputy

Eleni G. Papazoglou