Institute of Bast Fiber Crops




Changsha city, China

Partner Description

The Institute of Bast Fiber Crops is the only comprehensive professional institute of national level focusing on bast fiber crops research of China. Its research area covers breeding and cultivation techniques of ramie, flax, hemp, kenaf, jute, etc, as well as bio-processing, agricultural machinery, and quality and information on bast fiber crops.

IBFC has 290 professional staff, including 108 workers and 182 employees. Among them, there are: one national expert, two experts with outstanding contributions in the Ministry of Agriculture; two academic leaders in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS); one development and promotion expert in CAAS; seven eminent scholars in CAAS; two innovative teams; 14 specialists awarded the special subsidy of the State Council; 3 doctorial tutors, 22 master tutors, 45 masters and doctors, and 34 senior scientists.

Since its establishment, IBFC has undertaken 451 research programs and obtained 14 patents and 183 achievements in scientific research. Sixty-nine achievements were given various awards including 10 national awards and 42 provincial and ministerial level awards. Thirty-seven varieties were developed, 102 works were edited, and more than 1200 scientific papers were published. In the past 10 years, IBFC has obtained 120 million RMB for research funding. Over 300 senior officials and famous scholars from home and aboard were received. More than 7000 technicians were trained by IBFC. The journal Plant Fiber Sciences in China issued by IBFC and the network information centre of Chinese bast fiber crops industry provide information for nearly 1 million farmers and factories involved in bast fiber production.

National Agro-Industry Technology Research System for Crops of Bast and Leaf Fiber built by IBFC consists of 1 research centre, 6 function divisions, and 20 experimental stations. There are 232 members including 27 post experts and 20 experimental station chiefs. The total expenditure exceeded 100 million yuan in 5 years. IBFC directs the construction of National Agro-Industry Technology Research System for Crops of Bast and Leaf Fiber, and plays an important role in prompting technological innovation and industry development.

Contact Person/Deputy

Yuan Guo