Zhejiang Xiaoshan Institute of Cotton & Bast Fiber Crops




Hangzhou City, China

Partner Description

The Zhejiang Xiaoshan Institute of Cotton & Bast Fiber Crops was founded in May 1963. There are 42 professional staff, 13 doctors and post doctors. The research team has been engaged in the breeding, cultivation and utilization of bast fiber crops for 39 years. The research team has chaired 24 research projects of various types, including 15 above the provincial level. The new kenaf variety “Zhejiang Xiaoma 1” won the 1987 Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. The completed “Research and Application of High-yield, High-quality, and High-efficiency Comprehensive Cultivation Techniques of Zhejiang Kenaf” won the 1998 Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. Presided over the completion of five provincial-level veterinary inspections (recognitions): the new jute variety “MY-118”, the kenaf cytoplasmic male sterile line “ZHKX-01A”, the new kenaf “ZHKX-01” and the new kenaf varieties “ZH-01”, the kenaf cytoplasmic male sterility system “Hangyou No. 1”, has been widely used both inside and outside the province and has achieve significant social and economic benefits. This has laid to a good foundation for the study of this project. In the past 10 years, the research team has collected 218 kenaf germplasm resources and established a kenaf germplasm nursery, which provide important material guaranteed for the experiment. The research team has 1,285 instruments and equipment, including 678 special instrument and equipment, such as: fluorescence microscope (BX51T-32P01+BX2-FL+DP72, OLYMPUS), Gene pulser Xcell(TM), Bio-Rad, and coagulation Gel Imaging System (Gel Logic 200), High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge (5804R, Eppendorf), Three PCR Machines (ABI2720 and S1000), Hybrid Furnace (UVPHB1000), Ultra-low Temperature Refrigerator (MDF-U32V, SANYO), Split Light Photometer (Gene Quant 100, GE), paraffin microtome (RM2235, Leica), Japanese Konica chlorophyll meter (SPAD-502),

WinRHIZO root system, portable laser leaf area meter (CI-203), portable modulation of chlorophyll fluorescence Instrument (PAM-2500) and other related basic equipment.

Contact Person/Deputy

Xia An